Mechanical Engineering Bachelor


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8 weeks

begin winter


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6 semester


B. Eng.

Wanted throughout Germany: mechanical engineers

The export champion of the world is having difficulty in finding young talent: Germany´s engineering industry has been growing nearly ceaselessly for the last four years and is breaking one record after another. Many companies are approaching capacity limits and would gladly hire additional experts, if only there were any. Presently, there are about 150.000 engineers working in the industry. The number has increased by 10.000 in the last four years, but even so, there are still many a thousand vacancies in engineering. (Hochschulanzeiger May 2008)

What we stand for

Graduates of these programs (and their forerunners) contribute crucial and major achievements for the benefit of our industry. Many work in top leading positions or successfully compete as entrepeneurs in the global market.