Cooperations and Funding

In order to address current research topics, it is essential to short-circuit with other institutions to achieve common goals. Therefore, our laboratory cooperates in various ways with other institutions, both within the university and externally. These are on the one hand research-related alliances to use know-how and technology in combination, and on the other hand organizational and monetary partnerships for joint PhD platforms.


Departments MN B CH

Interdisciplinary tasks are worked on in cooperation with other departments. There is a lively exchange with the Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences regarding measurement technology and optics for laser systems. In the field of regenerative fuels, the Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology regularly supports us in the handling of various chemicals for the simulation of real technical processes. The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering also works closely with our laboratory in the investigation of flowing waters and the laser measurement technology used for this.

Technical University of Darmstadt

As a direct neighbor in Darmstadt, cooperation with the Technical University forms the basis for extensive research projects. In recent years, numerous research topics have been tackled jointly with the Institute for Reactive Flows and Measurement (RSM) and the Institute for Simulation of reactive Thermo-Fluid Systems (STFS). The interaction of experimental data and numerical model approaches offers the possibility to consider current problems in more detail than would be possible alone.

Cooperative Doctoral Platforms

Since 2018, it has been possible at the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences to obtain the title of Dr.-Ing. in various disciplines in a cooperative doctorate with the Technical University of Darmstadt. Together with the Institute for Reactive Flows and Measurement Technology (RSM) of the TU Darmstadt, our laboratory forms the doctoral platform Optical Analysis Methods and Renewable Energies.

ERDF Project Funding

Since November 2019, the ODEE laboratory has been supported by the European Regional Development Fund. This has enabled both the laboratory infrastructure and the equipment with modern measurement technology and powerful laser units to be advanced. The aim of the funding is to promote cooperation between local industrial companies and the university so that current research results can be directly incorporated into technical applications. Further information on ERDF funding at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences or on ERDF funding itself can be found under the two links.


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