Plastics Technology Bachelor

    requirements access to higher education
    pre-lab -
    begin winter 100
    begin summer 50
    duration 6 semester
    degree B. Eng.

    beautiful things-make them yourself!

    When form and function accomplish perfection: today, modern polymeric materials  have increasingly replaced glas, metal, textiles. Here are some of the reasons for this triumph. Firstly, polymeric materials are easy to shape. Furthermore, multifunctional plastic components can fulfill several technical functions simultaneously. They contain electronic switches, obtain incredible solidness through carbon fibers, serve as data media with the highest storage capacity and, in all that, look good at it. 

    The world market for plastics and plastics processing machines is dominated by German companies that permanently demand skilled plastics engineers in order to reinforce their title as export champion of the world.

    Ms Christine Fardi
    Haardtring 100
    64295 Darmstadt
    A14, 25

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