Automotive Engineering Master

    requirements Dipl.-Ing., B.Sc., B.Eng.
    pre-lab -
    begin winter 20
    begin summer *
    duration 4 semester
    degree M. Eng.

    *) beginning in summer also possible

    Develop your car of the future

    The German automobile industry has more than doubled its turnover in the last ten years, and today accounts for nearly 19 percent of the total turnover of the German industry. Thus, it is by far the most important branch of industry in Germany. What is more, with every second car being produced abroad, German car manufacturers have increasingly become global players. Due to high technological standards, cars, made in Germany, are popular everywhere. In 2006, nearly 17 percent of the worldwide car production had a German brand name. Safety and environmental sustainability are only two of the many challenges engineers in the research and development departments of car companies are facing. 

    What we stand for

    In 2005, the program Automotive Engineering was redesigned and converted into a master´s program. However, the experience gained in our traditional programs has been carried over to the modern concept without compromising quality. Hence, we stand for future automotive engineers, made in Germany, remaining the worldwide leaders of tomorrow.

    Course leaflet

    Our course leaflet for download